Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant Grand

A gastronomic experience to enjoy

Forget the usual hotel offer and prepare you senses for the culinary experience in which you will enjoy and about which you will tell your friends when you return from vacation. A balanced combination of flavors and selections like in the best gourmet restaurants characterize the board offer of the Restaurant Grand. Pearls of old local dishes prepared in an original way and combined with the achievements of the modern cuisine, with special emphasis on traditional desserts. This is what you can expect beside the excellent service in the Restaurant Grand.

Forest Bar

Warmth of views, fireplaces and fine wine!

The warm mountain atmosphere is ideal, both for a morning coffee with views to the ski slopes and for a short break between skiing and long walks in nature. A magical place where you can spend a memorable evening by the fireplace and listening to the stories from Kopaonik. A place you will always visit again to hear a new story, have excellent wine or dessert.

À la carte Restaurant Garden

Pure mountain idyll near the ski slopes, the pride of the gastronomy in Kopaonik.

An unforgettable view of the winter garden of one of the most popular socializing places in Kopaonik. In a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, cooked wine, or an exquisite meal. An authentic mountain atmosphere and a decent interior, accentuate the stunning views of the peaks of Mt. Kopaonik. And when required, the Restaurant Garden is easily transformed into a runway for Cat Walk, a banquet hall for the most special occasions, club for memorable DJ parties, a space for promotions and cocktail parties.

Pool Bar

Additional energy and refreshment!

Perfect the Spa & Wellness pleasures with natural juices from freshly squeezed fruit at the Pool Bar which is located within the Grand Oasis Spa & Wellness Center.