Konferencijski kapaciteti

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Kongresni centar MK Mountain Resort u okviru Grand Hotel & Spa raspolaže se tri renovirane i moderno opremljene konferencijske sale, izdvojene od hotelskih barova, restorana i ostalih sadržaja tako da pružaju potreban mir i idealne uslove za rad. Pored tri sale na raspolaganju je i multifunkcionalna sala koja se prostire na 1258m2 i pruža mogućnost prilagođavanja prostora različitim zahtevima i postavkama.


Area: 620m²
Type: Congress Hall

The Congress Hall is intended for holding meetings that may be attended by up to 600 participants depending on the type of settings. It has a special stage, special lighting with control desks, four booths for simultaneous interpretation and two additional rooms for equipment.

In the foyer of the hall it is possible to set up an exhibition space, and the whole event in the Congress Hall can be monitored via video beams from the foyer, where guests also can use the open bar.


  • U Structure: 100
  • Hollow Square: 150
  • T Structure: 90
  • Cinema: 550
  • Classroom: 250
  • Banquet: 280
  • Conference: 90
  • Cocktail:


Area: 220m²
Type: Conference Hall

The Holiday (Club) Hall has excellent conditions for organizing conferences up to 120 participants in a classic setting.


  • U Structure: 50
  • Hollow Square: 50
  • T Structure: 50
  • Cinema: 120
  • Classroom: 80
  • Banquet: 110
  • Conference: 60
  • Cocktail:


Area: 65m²
Type: Conference Hall

The President Hall is for small group meetings up to 45 participants. At the center of the hall there is a fixed oval table with 29 seats and a bar for serving guests.


  • U Structure: 25
  • Hollow Square:
  • T Structure: 25
  • Cinema: 45
  • Classroom: 45
  • Banquet: 28
  • Conference: 29
  • Cocktail:


Area: 80m²
Type: Conference Hall

Malo Jezero Hall has the capacity of up to 90 participants and is the right choice for organization of lectures all types of presentations.


  • U Structure: 2
  • Hollow Square: 50
  • T Structure: 40
  • Cinema: 90
  • Classroom: 40
  • Banquet: 40
  • Conference: 45
  • Cocktail:


Area: 45m²
Type: Business meetings

The VIP lounge is located on the top level of the congress center and provides ideal conditions for business meetings for a small number of participants, and the very position of the hall guarantees quiet and discretion.


  • U Structure:
  • Hollow Square:
  • T Structure:
  • Cinema:
  • Classroom:
  • Banquet:
  • Conference:
  • Cocktail: 15