How to get to Kopaonik?

The Tourist Center Kopaonik is very well connected to all major cities in Serbia and the region.

By plane

The international airport "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade is about 290 km from the tourist center Kopaonik. Transfer by passenger car takes about 3 hours.

A large number of airlines operate on the lines from European cities to Belgrade. The International Airport "Konstantin Veliki" in Nis is about 118km from the tourist center Kopaonik away and throughout the year it is connected by regular lines with a large number of European cities, as well as charter flights from Moscow and Bologna.

By bus or mini-bus

Regular bus lines from Novi Sad, Belgrade and Nis to Kopaonik are set throughout the year. During the winter season, a large number of travel agencies organize bus or minibus transport (departure and return on Saturdays).

By helicopter

Helicopter flight from the international airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade to Kopaonik lasts 50 minutes. The landing is organized at the heliport in Bačište, which is located 2,3km from the Hotel Grand in Kopaonik.

By passenger car

Access to and distance from Belgrade:

Beograd – Batočina – Kragujevac – Kraljevo – Jošanička banja – Kopaonik (290 km)
Beograd – Pojate – Kruševac – Brus – Kopaonik (300 km)

Access to and distance from other cities in the country and the region:

Niš – Kopaonik (118km)
Novi Sad – Beograd – Kopaonik (347km)
Podgorica – Kopaonik (420km)
Banja Luka – Kopaonik (570km)
Skoplje (motorway E 75, exit Grdelica) – Prokuplje – Brus – Kopaonik (300km)
Ljubljana – Zagreb – Beograd – Kopaonik (817km)
Thessaloniki – Kopaonik (479km)

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